Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate love and friendship towards our family, friends, and partners! Though Valentine’s Day may look different this year, we hope you’re spending this Valentine’s Day with those you love the most!


Our team is excited to share this special Valentine’s Day unit as part of our Schoolio Homeschooling content.

What Is Included?

Valentine’s Day is a social custom celebrated by much of the modern world. It’s generally a day of fun and festivities for our children and an opportunity to add some themed education to our homeschooling day! That’s why we created this FREE mini-unit for you to utilize.

The Valentine’s Day mini-unit includes five fun and factual lessons: 

  1. Origins of Valentine’s Day – A look at the history of why we observe this special day and how it all began. 
  2. How the Heart Really Works – A science-focused lesson to teach your child how the human heart works, and an opportunity to create an interesting experiment as well. 
  3. Valentine’s Day Math – A fun math section focused on Valentine’s Day theme that begins at a Kinder level and progresses so that you can choose the best content regardless of your child’s age or grade. 
  4. What Valentine’s Day Means to Me – A Language Arts lesson with differentiated practice work for various grades. From letter tracing practice for Kinders up to formal letter writing skills for our older learners. 
  5. Making Valentines for Friends – We finish off our week with a thoughtful art project to show we care for others by creating Valentines for those we love.
  6. We hope that you enjoy this Free Mini Unit. Make sure to share with your friends and family who have children so they can use it also.

Please leave your email here for more freebies, or you can also join our growing  Facebook community.

For more freebies, leave your email here, or you can also join our growing  Facebook community.


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