Personalized tutoring programs for success both inside and outside the classroom.

Schoolio's unique, personalized tutoring program is perfect for after school support. Our tutors are certified teachers and we follow Schoolio's curriculum! Learn more about how we help students, parents and educators stay syncronized.

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Why Us!

Cost Effective + Transparent

Parents who need tutoring help are frustrated with the lack of accountability and connection to curriculum found in most tutoring services. They teach without accountability to the student's success in class. Schoolio can help. Our tutors are OCT certified with a minimum of 2 years in-class experience. We also follow our Schoolio curriculum, which is aligned with the expectations of the school boards.

Get quality tutoring, transparency and accountability with Schoolio! Our in-house team and our award winning curriculum combine to put your child first - their success comes first!

FREE Schoolio Curriculum

Each tutoring engagement includes a free Schoolio curriculum subject book ($80.00 value). Our tutors will be using the book during the tutoring sessions. Parents can easily follow along and the student has a guide to follow.

Certified Teachers

Our certified teachers make lessons engaging for your child through their unique approach to learning, ensuring every student experiences success.

Free Schoolio Book

Students will get a free copy of one Schoolio subject book to follow along at home. Once your child enrols in the program, we will print and ship the book to your home free of charge.

No long-term contracts

We have faith in our program and don’t feel the need to lock families into a long-term commitment. We find success with a month-to-month contract.

4pm - 8pm

Schoolio After School is available daily from 4pm to 8pm. Each session is 1hr long. Students can also use this time to get homework help from their tutor. Each week, parents receive a detailed report on progress.

More than Zoom!

Our tutoring sessions are much more than a Zoom call. With Schoolio, the learning happens in an interactive, fun, and engaging online world.

Beyond Curriculum

Our tutors are trained educators who pay attention to more than just curriculum. Ensuring the student is in good mental and emotional health is an import part of the sessions.

Thank you for your child’s information. It will help our planning team find the right Schoolio coach for you. We will be reaching out to you within 24 hours with an update via email. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to or contact us via our Facebook page. 

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Choose your plan

One Month

$ 49
99 Per Hour
  • Virtual Session
  • FREE Grade Book
  • 1/2/3 x Per Week
  • One Month (min)
  • Weekly Reporting

This is a good starter program if you need tutoring or looking to switching from your current tutor. Included in the fee for the first month, you will also receive a printed copy of Schoolio’s grade book for your student to use during the tutoring sessions. *if you are already using Schoolio products, please mention it during the sign up process for an additional discount. 

Three Months

$ 39
99 Per Hour
  • Virtual Session
  • FREE Grade Book
  • 1/2/3 x Per Week
  • 3 months (min)
  • Weekly Reporting

Unlock Your Child’s Potential With Schoolio!

Complete K-8 Tutoring Support

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Schoolio Customers

I love everything about Schoolio...their great mini-units, their complete grade curriculums and their excellent customer service. Every interaction I have had with a member of their team has been very pleasant and everyone has been very helpful. Highly recommend Schoolio!
Joanne Côté

Absolutely! We want to find the best match for your child. If you feel like that match isn’t quite right, just let us know and we will rematch you with another of our qualified tutors.

We do have a one month minimum term initially, however you are able to cancel anytime by paying the balance of the remaining session fees. After the one month minimum you can cancel anytime- and your Schoolio subject book is yours to keep!

Yes! Paying for a full year upfront saves you 20%!

The Schoolio subject booklet is FREE when you sign up. If you are already a customer with your own books, you may decline the book, choose a subject for next year, or gift it to a friend.

Absolutely! The Schoolio curriculum works well for students with unique learning needs. Let us know what your student requires when you sign up so we can match them with the most suitable tutor for their needs.

Schoolio tutors follow the Schoolio curriculum! Schoolio’s program is Canadian and well aligned to most provincial expectations.

Our Schoolio tutors fill their time slots with your student once you have booked and commit their time to you. In the interest of fairness and notice to them, we require a month minimum to engage them in tutoring your child.