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Secular, Canadian Curriculum 
Kindergarten to Grade 8
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We empower home educating parents with the best quality Canadiancurriculum, tutoring and educational support. 

Our Story
Canadian parents who choose to homeschool now have access to Canadian curriculum, aligned with provincial expectations, secular and written by home schooling parents who wanted to help other parents.

Schoolio is for any parent taking on the teaching role at home. From full-time homeschoolers to parents using Schoolio for after school help, travelling or brushing up on subjects – you can count on use for affordable, organized Canadian Curriculum.

We cover the newest Canadian curriculum with provincial add-ons – new 2020 math, financial literacy and coding.



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This program is easy to follow for a homeschooling neophyte like myself, and it’s been fun and informative for my daughter. I highly recommend it!

Complete Curriculum

Schoolio offers flexibility for customization, as well as, structure and support for parents, eliminating any anxieties or fears over what and how much to teach. We combine the knowledge and skill sets of professional educators, with a unique understanding of the nature of home education, with its fundamental ability for customization and flexibility.

Our Teachers
Our team of teachers bring 10+ years of in-class and homeschooling expertise. We all have a passion for supporting parents with easy to follow Canadian curriculum, meeting provincial expectations and a supportive community to manage day-to-day challenges. 

I just ordered my Schoolio curriculum fro grade 2 and kindergarten for this fall, can’t wait for it to arrive. I know I made the right choice ordering from Schoolio! Thank you all again!

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Unique Tutoring Support
Homeschooling can be hard at times and we all need a little support along the way. Our tutoring program is uniquely designed to support parents and students. All of our tutors use Schoolio curriculum to teach and manage expectation. Need some help? 

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Support and Service you can count on!

Customer review

Purchasing Schoolio curriculum is only the beginning. We take pride in our support of parents and students.
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