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Canadian Heroes Series: Unit 1 Viola Desmond

  /  Canadian Heroes Series: Unit 1 Viola Desmond



Schoolio is proud to introduce the first unit of our new series Canadian Heroes, beginning with iconic Canadian Viola Desmond!
Our team is excited to add this special unit to our Schoolio Homeschooling content. This unit has adapted practice work to meet all levels of learners’ needs. Any age Schoolio Student can participate in this unit!

What Is Included?

Viola Desmond was a Black businesswoman who stood up to racial segregation in 1946 Nova Scotia. She is an iconic Canadian and graces the face of our ten-dollar banknote. She is an important part of Canadian history for all students to study! That’s why we created this mini-unit for you to utilize as part of your Black History Month studies.

The 24-page “Canadian Heroes, Viola Desmond” unit includes five engaging lessons:

Viola Desmond’s Story – A Social Studies and Language lesson that looks at Viola Desmond’s life and the historical role she played.

Viola Desmond’s Legacy – A thought-provoking lesson on the aftermath of Viola Desmond’s brave stand and the impact it had and continues to have. A documentary viewing with accompanying discussion questions asks students to explore racial segregation and systemic racism in Canada.

The Canadian Ten Dollar Bill – A fun math lesson focused on the decision of adding Viola Desmond to the Canadian banknote, as well as a research and art component as students choose a figure and design their very own banknote.

Hon. Percy Paris’ Message – A Language Arts lesson with differentiated practice work for various grades, students read and listen to a quote and reflect on how the words make them feel.

ETFO Black History Month Poster – We finish off our week with a thoughtful art project that explores the official 2021 ETFO Black History Month poster, learning about the artist, and discussing the Eurocentric maps used in modern-day education. Students then take all their knowledge learned throughout the week to create their own art piece for Black History Month.

Additional resource links are included to help you extend and your learning! We hope you enjoy this unique mini-unit on a true Canadian Hero.

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