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Thoughts and Feelings [Snippet]

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Is your child struggling with all the uncertainties and changes in the world these days? We know it’s tough right now for everyone, but especially our kids, so we’ve made this Schoolio Snippet so you can help your child learn to name and recognize their big thoughts and feelings and be better equipped to cope when things are challenging.

A “snippet” is a small excerpt from other Schoolio content. This snippet includes lessons from our Thoughts & Feelings: Learning to Manage How I Think and Feel marketplace unit, as well as brand new content you can only find here. A snippet gives you a chance to try a little piece of a unit before you buy. If you already own the full unit, you’ll find this extra content adds value to your existing program!

This 10-page Schoolio Snippet includes:

  • Taking Care of Our Minds

o What is stress?

o Fight or flight responses

o Why is it important to take care of our minds?

o Strengthening your mind like strengthening your body

o Big Feelings

  • Mixed Feelings

o What are mixed feelings?

o Naming our thoughts and feelings

  • A Mindfulness Exercise You Can Do at Home

o Leaves on a Stream


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