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History: Pirates – Special Interest Unit

  /  History: Pirates – Special Interest Unit


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This Schoolio History unit focuses on the real history and life of pirates!

In this 32-page unit, your student will study the following lessons:

  • A Brief History of Piracy
  • Famous Pirates
  • Famous Pirate Ships
  • Pirate Maps and Buried Treasure
  • Real Pirate Treasures
  • Pirate Navigation Tools
  • The Natural Navigator
  • Pirate Weaponry
  • Pirates and Pop Culture

Activities include Social Studies work such as mapping and historical ship design, Language Arts work such as journaling and learning reflections, Visual Art activities like drawing, creating your own treasure map, and making your own treasure chest, as well as Science projects such as making your own compass, learning about constellations, and star navigation.

This unit is designed for students ranging from a grade 1-6 working level.