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Math: Canadian Curriculum Financial Literacy – Grades 1 – 4

  /  Math: Canadian Curriculum Financial Literacy – Grades 1 – 4


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Financial Literacy is an important topic to begin learning in the early years. From naming and counting coins to spending and saving, understanding money and how it works is important for a successful future! 

This Schoolio multi-level pack is great for families with kids working at a variety of different levels, or as a special focus unit for any child. This 67-page unit covers all our Schoolio Financial Literacy topics from our Grade 1 to 4 programs. Your child will learn:

  • Canadian Coin Names
  • Canadian Coin Values
  • Canadian Bills
  • Notation
  • Counting Money with Bills
  • Counting Money with Coins
  • Making Change
  • Play a Grocery Store Shopping Game
  • Methods of Payment
  • Credit Cards
  • Purchasing
  • Earning and Spending
  • Saving, Investing, and Donating
  • Finding the Best Price