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Manitoba Grade 5: Math Unit 4 – Spatial Sense

  /  Manitoba Grade 5: Math Unit 4 – Spatial Sense


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The fourth unit in each of our Math programs is Spatial Sense. This unit teaches your child more advanced topics such as triangles, different views of shapes, translations, and metric units.

This 52-page unit includes lessons on ALL of the following concepts:

  • Triangles by Side Lengths and Angles
  • Constructing Triangles
  • Top, Front, and Side Views
  • Translations and Rotations in the First Quadrant
  • Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles
  • Perimeter
  • Metric Units
  • Angles to 180 degrees

As is the case with all of our units, this unit includes:

  • Full curriculum with daily lessons, exercises and activities
  • Includes new Math Curriculum sections where applicable
  • Worksheets and exercises
  • Answers