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Manitoba Grade 2: Social Studies

  /  Manitoba Grade 2: Social Studies


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Our Grade 2 Social Studies unit focuses on Communities in Canada from 1780-1850

In this 26 page unit, your student will study the following lessons:

– First Nations Communities
– Early Settlers in Canada
– Early Travel
– Adapting to Climate
– Supports and Resources
– The Fur Trade and Expansion
– Hardships
– Relationships Between Peoples
– Reservation System
– Canadian Identity
– “In Their Shoes” Culminating Project

Our Grade 2 Social Studies unit focuses on The Local Community

In this 33 page unit, your student will study the following lessons:

– What Is Community
– My Community
– Treating My Community with Respect
– Areas of a Community
– How Communities Change
– Expanding Our Community
– Services in the Community
– Using Services Responsibly
– Park Planner Project
– Community Workers
– What If Services Were Gone?
– Mapping Basics
– Describing Locations
– Using Non-Standard Units of Measurement
– Reading Maps
– Designing a Community Project

Each subject includes:

  • A full curriculum with daily lessons, exercises and activities, for the entire school year
  • Worksheets and exercises
  • Answers


Our Grade 2 Social Studies Program has been designed to correspond with the Complete Canadian Curriculum Grade 2 book.

This book contains additional Social Studies exercises. We suggest that you purchase this book to accompany your Schoolio curriculum.

This book can be found at Costco, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Indigo or you can follow the direct link below to purchase.

The cost of this book ranges from $15-$ to 19.

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