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Science: All About Honeybees – Special Interest Unit

  /  Science: All About Honeybees – Special Interest Unit


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This Schoolio Science Unit is all about Honeybees, why they’re important, how they live, and how they make honey, as well as how honey is harvested!

In this 45-page unit, your child will study the following lessons:

  • Pollination and Pollinators
  • Why Are Bees Important?
  • Pollination Experiment
  • Life in the Hive: Who’s Who?
  • Life in the Hive: Life Cycle of a Honeybee
  • Life in the Hive: Spring and Summer
  • How Do Bees Make Honey?
  • How Is Honey Harvested?
  • Life in the Hive: Autumn and Winter
  • Bees and Society