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Grade 8: History Unit 2 - 1890-1914


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The second unit in our Grade 8 History program is Canada, 1890-1914 – A Changing Society.

This extensive 93 page unit provides lessons on ALL of the following topics related to this time period in Canada’s history:

  • Industrialization
  • Workers’ Rights
  • Women’s Rights
  • Conflicts in Canada
  • The British Empire and Imperialism
  • The United States and Canada: The Klondike Gold Rush
  • The United States and Canada: The Alaskan Dispute and Reciprocity
  • Immigration
  • Racism and Discrimination in Canada
  • First Nations: Treaties and the Indian Act
  • First Nations: The Reservation System
  • First Nations: The Residential School System
  • First Nations 1890-1914 Assessment
  • Research Study: Assessing Content

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