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Grade 4: Math


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Does the idea of teaching Math to your Grade 4 student seem a little scary? Don’t be afraid! Schoolio is here to help! Right from the beginning of the lessons in our Grade 4 Math Homeschooling Curriculum, you’ll find a letter from our Grade 4 Curriculum writer, Lindsey. She shares with you tips to have a successful school year with your child, and some of her amazing scheduling tips. Because everyone here at Schoolio wants you to excel and never be intimidated by any aspect of your homeschooling journey. Do Fractions and Division make your head spin? Each one of our Schoolio Grade 4 Math Homeschool Curriculum lessons are designed to help you and your child understand.

You’ll find each lesson is designed with discussion space, teacher’s notes, examples, diagrams and learning activities all while following the Grade 4 Math Canadian Homeschooling Curriculum. One fun part about teaching your child Grade 4 Math, is that you get to learn these lessons all over again! You get to brush up on all those Math concepts that maybe you’ve forgotten. Now you and your child will learn together and come out as Math pros! That’s a win-win situation! We hope more than anything that you enjoy our Grade 4 Math Curriculum, written with you and your child in mind.


Grade 4 Math Homeschooling Overview: (SAMPLE DOWNLOAD)

This Subject includes the following Units:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Data
  • Spatial Sense
  • Financial Literacy

Each subject includes:

  • Full curriculum with daily lessons, exercises and activities, for the entire school year
  • Includes new Math Curriculum sections for Financial Literacy and Coding
  • Worksheets and exercises
  • Answers Included