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Grade 1: Language Unit 1

  /  Grade 1: Language Unit 1


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Schoolio Language Arts Program – Level 1

Unit 1:

This 85-page unit includes:

  • Writing Styles: Fiction Writing and Book Reviews
  • Grammar Topics: Beginning and Ending Consonants Review, Short and Long Vowels Review, Capital Letters, and Location Words
  • Reading Study: Fiction Stories

In the Schoolio Language Arts Program students learn about and practice various styles of writing, dig into reading studies, practice spelling, develop their grammar skills, and engage in fun, creative writing exercises, all integrated together throughout the program.

There are five Schoolio Language units, each designed to be used consecutively or to stand alone. Each unit is intended to take a minimum of 4 weeks.

Each of the five units includes:

  • 2 writing styles are taught over 8 lessons. Students learn and practice each style, ending with a final, edited product of their own creation.
  • 4 grammar topics, each consisting of two lessons with practice work included helping solidify concepts.
  • 1 reading study taught over two weeks, where students explore concepts related to various books. Schoolio recommendations are made for specific picture books, but questions and activities lend themselves to any books you choose to use.
  • 6 reading passages with follow-up comprehension questions.
  • 4 spelling lists, one per week, each with two days of practice work followed by a dictation quiz page.
  • 4 writing prompts to help get the creative ideas flowing and encourage students to discover a love of reading and writing.

Each Schoolio Language Arts unit also includes a sample schedule, lessons organized by order on the schedule, and helpful explanations and tips for parents and teachers before you begin. This program is completely open and goes, with the only additional items you need being some recommended picture books if you choose to use them.