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Earth Day Mini Unit



This Schoolio Mini-Unit is themed around Earth Day.
In this 22-page unit, your child will study the following lessons:

  • All About Earth Day – A Social Studies lesson focused on what Earth Day is about and its history.
  • Fresh Water – A Math lesson focused on the theme of freshwater access for humans around the world.
  • Recycling and Composting – A Science lesson about recycling and composting. This lesson includes a virtual field trip to a recycling plant with follow-up questions and composting experiment with an experiment recorder and summary sheet.
  • Earth Day Poetry Study – This Language Arts lesson includes two different poems for student study based on various grade levels and comprehension and thinking questions regarding the poems.
  • Save Our Park Pond Poster Design – this Art lesson explains a hypothetical city problem of litter in a park pond and asks students to use their imaginations and creativity to design a piece of art to help combat the environmental issue.

Our Schoolio Mini Units are designed to be used with students in any grade range from K-8. There are differentiated questions to vary practice work for skill level. Please choose the information and questions best suited to your child’s working level.