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Digital: Canadian Curriculum Coding – Grades 5-8

  /  Digital: Canadian Curriculum Coding – Grades 5-8


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Coding is a crucial skill to have at least a basic understanding of in today’s modern world. Introduce your young learner to the basic foundations of the world of coding with a straight-forward and screen-free method.

This Schoolio multi-level pack is great for families with kids working at a variety of different levels, or as a special focus unit for any child. In this 45-page unit, your student will explore coding from a grade 5 level through to 8 level. Topics include:

  • Conditional Statements
  • Reading and Altering Code
  • Coding Terminology
  • Writing Efficient Code
  • Altering Code 1
  • Writing Sub-Programs
  • Writing Code Outcomes
  • Altering Code 2
  • Flow Charts
  • Using Code to Solve Algebraic Expressions
  • Altering Code 3

The Schoolio Coding program is entirely pen-to-paper format. No computer is needed for this program. It is recommended that your student be comfortable with the concepts covered in the coding portion of the Schoolio grade 4 algebra program.