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Culture: St. Patrick’s Day – Special Interest Unit

  /  Culture: St. Patrick’s Day – Special Interest Unit


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This Schoolio Mini Unit features 5 lessons covering 5 different subject areas, all on the theme of St. Patrick’s Day

Included in this 24-page unit:

  • Social Studies: Learn about the origins and history behind St. Patrick’s Day
  • Math: Practice your mental math skills while playing a St. Patrick’s Day card game- with differentiated rules for various grade levels.
  • Science: What are soluble and insoluble mixtures? Find out while you practice science in the kitchen and make something yummy!
  • Language Arts: If you found a four-leaf clover and could make one wish, what would it be? Think and write with differentiated activities by grade level.
  • Art: Make a St. Patrick’s Day decoration while practising fine motor skills!

Our Schoolio Mini Units are designed to be used with students in any grade range from K-8. There are differentiated questions to vary practice work for skill level. Please choose the information and questions best suited to your child’s working level.