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British Columbia Grade 8: Language Complete Canadian Curriculum

  /  British Columbia Grade 8: Language Complete Canadian Curriculum


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Schoolio Language Arts Program – Level 8 has five units with 400+ pages. 

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In the Schoolio Language Arts Program students learn about and practice various styles of writing, dig into reading studies, practice their grammar skills, and engage in fun, creative writing exercises, all integrated together throughout the program.

There are five Schoolio Language units, each designed to be used consecutively or to stand alone. Each unit is intended to take a minimum of 4 weeks.

Each of the five units includes:

  • 2 writing styles taught over 8 lessons. Students learn and practice each style, ending with a final, edited product of their own creation.
  • 4 grammar topics, each consisting of two lessons with practice work included to help solidify concepts.
  • 1 reading study split into 12 parts, where students read and then work through thought-provoking discussion questions. A particular novel is recommended and referenced, but many of the follow-up questions can be used with any novel of your choice.
  • 4 writing prompts to help get the creative ideas flowing and encourage students to explore their personal writing style and discover a love of reading and writing.

Schoolio Grade 8 Language Unit 1:

This 82-page unit includes:

  • Writing Styles: Descriptive Writing and Summarizing & Paraphrasing
  • Grammar Topics: Finite & Non-Finite Verbs, Non-Progressive Verbs, Phrasal & Prepositional Verbs, Order of Adjectives
  • Reading Study: The Giver by Lois Lowry

Schoolio Grade 8 Language Unit 2:

This 80-page unit includes:

  • Writing Styles: Persuasive Writing and Developing Paragraphs into Essays
  • Grammar Topics: Interrogative Adverbs & Relative Adverbs, Position of Adverbs, Viewpoint Adverbs, Commenting Adverbs
  • Reading Study: Refugee by Alan Gratz

Schoolio Grade 8 Language Unit 3:

This 81-page unit includes:

  • Writing Styles: Expository Writing and Argumentative Writing
  • Grammar Topics: Conjunctions, Noun Phrases, Active and Passive Voice, Other Passive Forms
  • Reading Study: Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai

Schoolio Grade 8 Language Unit 4:

This 84-page unit includes:

  • Writing Styles: Literary Devices and Poetry
  • Grammar Topics: Mood, Types of Sentences: Structure, Types of Sentences: Purpose, Dependent Clauses
  • Reading Study: Poetry Study- “Hope” is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson; Dreams by Langston Hughes; Still I Rise by Maya Angelou; [you fit into me] by Margaret Atwood

Schoolio Grade 8 Language Unit 5:

This 80-page unit includes:

  • Writing Styles: Formal Letter Writing and Speech Writing
  • Grammar Topics: Direct v Indirect Speech, Indirect Questions & Indirect Commands, Conditional Clauses & Modals, Omitting “If” in Conditional Clauses
  • Reading Study: Underground to Canada by Barbara Smucker