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The Schoolio
Language Program

The Schoolio Language Program is not another workbook to add to your shelf. Stand-alone reading, writing, spelling, and grammar programs can be very expensive and therefore are not accessible to all families. We want to change that.

For the average student, practice is enough to develop their reading and writing skills- but parents need to know what to practice, when, and for how long. The Schoolio Program is here to guide you and make your life as a teacher easier!

The Schoolio Language Program is currently designed primarily as a parent guide to help you teach your child and have them practice and develop their language skills.

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Reading and Writing

The Schoolio Reading and Writing Program will help parents teach their children to engage with and practice a variety of writing skills and help them further develop their reading skills.

The Reading portion of the Schoolio Program offers guidelines for parents on ways to get the most out of their reading practice times, with helpful instructional information.

How to choose the correct reading level for your child.
Strategies to help your child further develop their skills while reading aloud to you, such as using graphophonic, semantic, and syntactic clues.
Exercises to help you support and assess reading comprehension, such as questions to ask your child before and after reading together.
How to choose read-aloud material to read to your child, including examples for Literary Texts, Informative Texts, and Graphic Texts that are developmentally appropriate.
Examples of defining characteristics for each type of text, such as Characteristics of Text Form, Organizational Patterns, and Elements of Style to include in your teaching discussions during your read-aloud time.

Each of the units begins with an explanation of the purpose and use of the writing type, as well as the key elements and skills that need to be used when creating the written piece. Included are graphic organizers to help our youngest learners (incl for gr 1-3) organize their thoughts before writing drafts, and tips to help your student become a good editor of their own work. You can use this guide to work with your child over the course of several work periods to complete one or more pieces of the writing style.

The Schoolio Writing Program includes 9-10 types of writing for your child to explore and practice.

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Spelling and Grammar

The Spelling portion of the Schoolio Program provides parents with 20 spelling lists that are developmentally appropriate for their students to learn. Each word list is expected to take a week or more to complete, and parents are encouraged to have their students practice each list in a variety of ways, with some examples provided. A selection of practice spelling work pages is included for our youngest learners to use each week for copy work if desired (incl for gr 1-3). The Schoolio Spelling Program follows the Fry Word Frequency List.


The Schoolio Grammar Program is designed to help parents navigate the Complete Canadian Curriculum grammar workbooks (sold separately) and save planning and organizing time (EnglishSmart references incl for gr 4+ as well). Which topics should you teach in which order? How many pages per day is appropriate? The Schoolio Program gives parents a complete 20+ week plan detailing which grammar subjects to cover and in which order, as well as corresponding page numbers for the separate workbooks and recommendations for how to divide it overwork periods and days.