Canadian Curriculum for Kindergarten

Over 1000 parents each month search for Canadian Curriculum for Kindergarten and get frustrated with the results. We wanted to help. Learn more about our 36-Week kindergarten program – tailor made for parents, by parents.

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Most frequent questions and answers

At Schoolio, we take education seriously. We know that a solid education begins in the early years. Kindergarten is one of the most neglected areas of a child’s education, because most people think it’s as simple as just tracing some letters and watching Sesame Street. We feel that it should be so much more than that. 

A good Kindergarten experience can lead to a happy educational career. Why? It comes down to confidence and skill. Kindergarten is vital for helping your child build their confidence with learning. We want it to be a happy, enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. The Schoolio Kindergarten Program has been designed to be just that, and more. We’ve removed as much stress and uncertainty as possible for both you and your child. 

Our Kindergarten Program has been carefully designed and created by a registered Canadian teacher who has a big heart for homeschooling families. All of us here at Schoolio want you to succeed in homeschooling.

You and your child will have access to an amazing program designed with weekly themes, social studies, science, math, phonics, sight words and more. It’s specifically designed to help your child gain the knowledge that they need to begin grade 1 on the right track.

First of all, a Kindergarten workbook from any retail store will not give your child the well-rounded education and experience that they need to be successful. Yes, there is copy work and basic concepts included in all workbooks. However, these basic workbooks do not include the wholesome approach that your Kindergartener needs to develop the confidence and skills needed to be successful. Secondly, there are very few Canadian organizations providing Kindergarten Programs. 

Don’t worry! Our Kindergarten Program has been carefully designed to include all requirements found in Ontario’s “The Kindergarten Program (2016)”, which is designed to be taught as a two-year program in Ontario schools.  Ontario does not provide guidelines specific to either Junior or Senior Kindergarten, but rather provides guidelines for Kindergarten as a whole.  We carefully crafted our content to include elements that address all Canadian Kindergarten Guidelines. 

In order to make sure all academic expectations are met and practiced in our program we supplement our content with MathSmart and EnglishSmart exercises. We use supplementary workbooks because they save our customers money. These workbooks have been reviewed and approved by our teachers, and specific exercises are referenced within the program. Skipping supplementary practice is not recommended, but if you choose not to purchase these books, you can source other supplementary work from another workbook or the internet. We can’t guarantee the inclusiveness or quality of supplementary work sourced elsewhere.

Customers reviews

What parents say?

I bought the grade 3 bundle for my 8 year old daughter. This curriculum is a godsend for my first year of homeschooling. I am so pleased with the layout and content. Thank you sooo much!!
Maxine Sass
I couldn’t be happier with Schoolio’s grade 2 curriculum. We never imagined we would be homeschooling but here we are and the team at Schoolio has been so wonderful and supportive. The material is easy to use, fun and engaging. I love how the lessons are open and go, and can really be done anywhere (hello science at the park)!
Elizabeth Margaret