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1. How does Schoolio fit into what the school boards are doing?

Schoolio is not intended to replace formal learning programs rolled out by your child’s school board. Rather, it is intended to expand upon it, and offer a structured, curriculum-driven environment where your children can catch up on mixed lessons, watch the same lesson multiple times to encourage a deeper understanding, and access resources not available through traditional education platforms. Learn more about us!

2. I’m not in Ontario. What does Schoolio offer to my children?

While school curriculums are similar across North America, differences exist, particularly within courses at higher grades. We understand that. In the coming days, Schoolio will be rolling out content specific to different jurisdictions and curriculums, as soon as we connect with and validate accredited teachers. We’re working hard to make sure every student across North America has the same access to Schoolio!

3. I have several children. Is there a discounted family plan I can subscribe for?

Our pricing is designed to cover the cost of our platform, our staff, and our teachers. The cost of doing all of this is significant. We also understand the financial burden that we are all currently under. As such, we are working on formulating family plans and multi-day subscription plans which should help to lower the cost of our platform. Check out our pricing here.

4. I have a suggestion for improvement. How do I communicate it to you?

Please click here for our feedback form. We’d love to hear from you! If you want to speak to someone live, please leave your phone number in your comment, and a member of our leadership team will contact you within 24 hours.

5. How does Schoolio protect the privacy and safety of my children?

Recorded content ONLY includes teacher feeds; no individual student data is ever captured or available to anyone. Nobody is able to access your profile or your child’s profile, IP address, or other information.

6. What is Schoolio’s refund policy?

For subscription and pre-paid services, we will refund any prorated unused portion on cancellation. For daily content, tutoring, and group content, we cannot offer refunds because of the costs we have already incurred in delivering that content.

However, if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, please click here for our feedback form and leave us a description of why you’re unsatisfied. We will make it right.

7. How is Schoolio any different than other online education providers?

We work only with accredited teachers, who are trained to deliver and teach the curriculum that your child needs. Our platform offers a structured learning environment, at a very reasonable price

8. Why should we pay more for education?

Schoolio was designed by parents, for parents, to support our children, our teachers, and each other in this difficult environment. Keeping people employed and teachers and students connected comes at a cost. We do everything we can to keep our costs down and our charges at a reasonable, affordable level for parents everywhere.

If you are suffering particular hardship, we firmly believe that cost should NOT be a barrier for anyone. Click here and give us details about your situation, and we’ll see what we can do to help out your children.

9. Why aren’t you offering credit or accredation?

The process for designation as a qualified educational institution is expensive, lengthy, and not feasible in today’s circumstances. Being able to accredit student participation and grant high school or other credits comes with much higher infrastructure demands, supervision, and ultimately costs which must be passed onto parents.

We created Schoolio to fill a gap between formal education credit and expensive tutoring options. If you’re looking for an online school for credit, there are many existing options out there for you, and Schoolio isn’t one of them.

10. Does Schoolio offer more than just my child’s existing curriculum? What else can my child learn with Schoolio?

Yes we do! We understand that many children or parents may want to explore content beyond what they picked in their current grade course selections. Want to learn the basics of a different language? Want to explore computer programming? Finance? A quick course in aviation or construction? This content, and more, coming very soon, and included with your Schoolio daily subscription!

11. Does Schoolio work with non-institutional businesses, like my child’s music school?

Yes we do! We are working with music schools, art schools, culinary schools, art and design schools, driver’s education, workplace education, conferences, music festivals, virtual meetings … opening pathways and making connections between people all over the world! Stay tuned!

12. Does Schoolio offer adult-oriented content?

Absolutely! Adult-oriented education, access to college and university level classes, tutorials, support groups and meetings … all coming soon! Stay tuned!

13. Do you offer any discounted payment plans?

Our pricing is designed to be affordable, while allowing us to cover our costs, fairly compensate teachers and other content providers, and make constant improvements to our platform. However, we are considering making weekly or monthly pre-payment or subscriptions available, at discounted costs, to reflect the lower costs associated with such payment plans. More details coming soon.