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OUR Story

We started Schoolio in 2019 because we wanted to help parents who are paying for after school educational support get the best support possible. If you were like us, you are probably spending money on additional tutoring and making sure your kid had the best extra support possible for their education. But what we didn’t like was a lack of transparency into the teachers’ quality, the curriculum and a lack of personalization to fit the child’s learning style.

When schools closed down in March 2020, our focus changed from after-school support to homeschooling because we are in the same boat as thousands of other parents across Canada. In our early searches, we realized that while they are a ton of free or paid resources, it was hard to distinguish which one was the best. We decided on the change of focus to helping parents like yourselves on your homeschooling journey.

Whether you are first time homeschooling, looking for some reliable curriculum, looking for additional homework support, we believe we can help.

At Schoolio, our teachers who work on our kindergarten curriculum, Grade 1 to 8 curriculums are also homeschooling parents. We recognize the anxiety and stress first-time homeschooling parents go through, and we’re on a mission to eradicate that. We believe our books are easy to follow for the parents, easy to digest for the child, and we believe home learning shouldn’t be painful; it should be fun, exciting, and something that children enjoy.

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