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We provide parents with a structured, customizable curriculum program, and in-home learning solutions. Our program is Canadian and covers everything your child needs to learn for success, including Alberta geography (gr. 3) and the history of the prairies.

Our unique, customer-only Facebook community includes parents, teachers, resources and events

Our team includes educators and parents who also have children who are caught in the chaos of COVID and an unprepared education system. Schoolio is here to help. Our team also includes experienced homeschooling parents, who understand the unique needs and capabilities of the world of home education.

Schoolio’s curriculum is the perfect fit, whether you are homeschooling full-time, or just need some additional resources for remote or in-home learning!

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Schoolio Kindergarten Program

At Schoolio, we take education seriously. We know that a solid education begins in the early years. Kindergarten is one of the most neglected areas of a child’s education, because most people think it’s as simple as just tracing some letters and watching Sesame Street. We feel that it should be so much more than that.

Kindergarten Homeschooling Sample Workbooks

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