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Schoolio Impact

Schoolio is an alternative solution to in-home education support that is more affordable, accessible and flexible. Furthermore, Schoolio is designed by parents for parents. Our unique approach aligns with the needs of parents for curriculum access and accredited teachers.


Supporting the daily learning needs of students being homeschooled by parents

New Immigrants

Easy way for new immigrant students to catch up on course curriculum they missed for the year

Why Schoolio?

Schoolio bridges the gap between teachers, students, and education, at a fraction of the cost of other options. We provide students with a reliable course structure and parents with flexible options. While there are many other options available to parents, we believe we bring a valuable, new solution to homes across Canada.

FREE Online Resources

There are many free online resources available to parents who are homeschooling their children. While these resources are free to use, as parents, it is also challenging find and organize everything available. Schoolio’s platform is an easy way to find relevant resources for your child along with accredited teachers to help.


After School Programs

After school programs offered through OXFORD, Kumon, ICAN and others can be costly. They average between 5k to 12k annually. This option is not affordable for most parents. Our focus is to create an affordable and sustainable model for parents.

Private Tutors

Parents needing extra help can find tutors online, through classifieds and word-of-mouth introductions. While most tutors are subject matter experts, they do not know how to teach students. We believe teachers should teach our children. With Schoolio, parents have access to accredited teachers who have the experience and expertise to help with 1-on-1 tutoring and Study Group sessions.