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Healthy Friendships Freebie

Healthy friendships are vital to a happy life. It’s important for your child to learn how to have healthy friendships from a young age. Modelling healthy friendships for your child to see, is extremely important. And teaching them about healthy relationships can be beyond beneficial.


We want your child to succeed in every aspect of their lives. School, yes. But also, their relationships. Despite the misconception that homeschooled children are not socialized, they are. And they can have many, beautiful friendships with their peers. That said, even homeschooled children need a map on how to maintain healthy friendships.


Our amazing writer, Lindsey has created an exceptional mini unit on Healthy Friendships based off of the Ontario Curriculum.  

This ‘Healthy Friendships’ mini unit will teach them: What makes a good friend, Cactus Friend vs. Flower friendship, conflict resolution, how to apologize, and a creative, cumulative activity – True Friend Turtle. This mini unit is designed for your children grades 1-6. And, because we care so much about our Schoolio Community, we are providing this mini unit to you for FREE. We want your children to have healthy, long-lasting friendships that help them grow into wholesome adults.


To get this FREE mini unit on Healthy Friendships, simply click the button below to download the unit. Once downloaded you can print it and start learning about healthy friendships with your child.