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Easy to follow, affordable Ontario Curriculum – Grade 1 to 8 available now!

We provide parents with structured, in-home learning solutions, and a support community of parents, teacher’s and educational resources. We are in the same boat as our customers. We are parents with children caught in the chaos of COVID and an unprepared education system. Schoolio is here to help you in your homeschooling journey. Whether you are homeschooling full-time or need some additional resources for in-home learning, Schoolio’s curriculum is the perfect fit!

Canadian Curriculum, easy to follow schedule, affordable pricing, includes the new math, coding and zero screen time with our workbooks. Our online-platform will offer assessment tools, digital worksheets, certificates and more. Free for customers, launching in November.

Schoolio now offers optional in-house printing and shipping to help save customers time and extra costs. Leave the hassle to us and we will deliver workbooks, printed in colour, right to your doorsteps in a few days.

Purchasing Schoolio workbooks is just the beginning. When you join our customer-only community, we share additional free resources, webinars, free worksheets and much more. Homeschooling is a lifestyle and we are here to help! Get our free Halloween Units.

Schoolio Homeschooling Overview:

  • Canadian Curriculum 
  • Free Planning Tool
  • Beautiful Content
  • Full Colour
  • Easy To Follow
  • Option To Personalized Your Workbooks
  • Option For Printed and Delivered Workbooks
  • 24/7 Team Schoolio Support
  • Tutoring Support 
  • Partner Programs

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